Car Accidents

Most of the time, the victims of car accidents are by-standers, passengers, spouses of the injured party and the drivers. A good lawyer will get you money from the owner of the car, or the other driver and even the employer to pay for your car damaged, medical bills and any permanent injuries you may have suffered. If you have a good case, the lawyer can you get punitive damages, which are basically intended to punish the other driver for her or his actions.

You should hire an Omaha personal car accident lawyer if;

  • You have sustained major injuries which have possible long-term repercussions.
  • If the other driver was underinsured or no insured at all
  • If you and the other driver are not in agreement about who was at fault
  • The claims adjuster can be intimidating and if you feel pressure to agree to a quick settlement then you should hire a good car accident lawyer.
  • If you feel you are not being fully compensated for the current as well as the future medical costs resulting from the car accident.

Nursing Home Neglect

nursing home neglect omaha and council bluffs

Nursing Home Neglect

As a loved one becomes older and not able to take care of them, you the family member or caregiver is faced with a hard decision. Do you let this person move in with you so you can take care of them on a daily basis, or is it time to find a nursing home that will best suit his or her needs?

If you decide a nursing home is the best option for your loved ones care, you will need to research facilities so you can learn more about them. You do not want a facility that has the reputation of their residents having bed sores, failure to treat, or medication errors suits against them.

When a person decides to put a loved one into a nursing home you are leaving that person in the care of the nurses and staff at that facility. The transition from living at home to living in a nursing home is hard enough without having to deal with a staff that neglects your loved one.

Did you know that the residents  often fall victim of nursing home neglect Omaha while living at a nursing facility due to incompetent or abusive caregivers? If you do not want this to happen to your family member you will need to make sure you know the signs of neglect in a nursing home.

What should you do if you fear that you were a victim of medical malpractice?

When you see a medical professional, you depend upon them to offer the best services and do what is right.  More often than not, that is what you receive.  However, there are times when that is not what happens.  In those cases you should obtain legal advice from an attorney that is an experienced Council Bluffs medical malpractice attorney.  

As you can imagine, it is difficult to find and experienced attorney with a background to fight for you against insurance companies with the understanding of medical terms.  I was referred to the attorney in the video above from a friend that needed a medical malpractice attorney in Omaha.  Mr. Shanks comes very highly recommended!