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Medication errors have had a high prevalence in the last few years in the hospitals. They are not just limited to giving the patient the wrong dosage, the errors include administration of the wrong medication. The failure of giving the drugs in a timely manner as required can also contribute to medication errors. Even when the calculations of the ordered dose are not done well, failure to order the medication when need be are also substantial reasons to file a lawsuit. However, most of the medication errors do not result in permanent damages to the patient. This is a good thing but they can have adverse reactions and effects that are temporary. However, there are rare cases where the immediate fatal injury and death.

Medication errors usually lead to initial or prolonged hospitalization. There are those cases that require life-sustaining interventions. All types of medical errors can be avoided and should be avoided. However, the current medical and healthcare system are more focused on the bottom line than the health care given to patients. There is more focus on the new equipment that will bring in more revenue than spend on the software created to prevent medication errors.